Jan 22, 2017
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Jan 6, 2017
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Jan 6, 2017
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Parent Club



The aim of the Parents' Club is to assist with fundraising, policy development and provide a forum for parents to meet. 

More parents at meetings means more ideas and help, so a warm invitation is extended to all parents to attend.


Parents Club Report

This years elected committee members are:

President – Veronica Wilson

Vice President – Tania Scarce

Secretary – Naomi Medlyn

Assistant Secretary – Elisha O’Donnell

Treasurer – Alison Darby

School Council Representative – Alison Darby



Parent’s Club Report

Its wonderful to see all the students getting involved in the 5 cents for 5 weeks. It is going to such a great cause, keep up the good work!

The Donald Athletics are on this Friday. We wish all the students the very best in all their events. Dont forget to bring along a packed lunch and a drink bottle. Everyone is welcome to attend and to support our school.

Dont forget next Friday 1st September we are holding our Fathers Day/Special Persons Day in the Arts Centre. The gifts will range from .50c to $10. Make sure your money is in a named wallet/bag/envelope and to bring a plastic bag to take your goodies home in.

Our reader satchels are available for purchase for $10. Please see anyone from Parents Club if you wish to purchase these. 

If you want to purchase any of our School Uniforms/Accessories, Mandy Medlyn's shop, RAMJAC" is opened in the main street beside Peach’s Fruit Market. If you need to anything, just pop in and see Mandy. 

Remember to 'LIKE' our Facebook page and to click the get notifications button so you don't miss any exciting things going on at school. Also, included is information regarding our preloved items that could be 'For Sale' that we have in stock.


Thanks Elisha O'Donnell

NEXT MEETING - Wednesday 6th September @ 6pm at the Royal Hotel



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