Ms. Melissa Mitchell

Classroom Teachers

P/1—Kerrie Martin

1/2—Donna Harkness

5/6—Annette Driscoll

5/6—Marita O’Brien and Melissa Weir

3/4 - Kirri Ezard and Jess Wyatt

3/4—Alison Fahey

Art - Miss Jess Wyatt

PE - Mrs Tamara Wright

School Chaplain 

Ms Charlie Deane

Education Support Staff: 

Jenny Gifford  - Business Manager

Shirlee Tillig - Administrative Assistant

Rebbecca Torney - Speech Assistant

Louise McLay - Speech Assistant

Nola Lloyd - Integration Support

Gerri Deliu - Integration Support

Jenna Kirkpatrick - Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Guy Langsford - Right Choices Assistant

Heather Michael - Office Volunteer



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