School Sports

Swimming Program—Sunsmart schools:
The school wide swimming program will commence in February with student
assessment, followed by technique and safety sessions.

In accordance with Sunsmart practices all students will be required to wear an appropriate rash vest whilst participating in the swimming program. If your child does not own a rashie, a well fitted t-
shirt specifically sent for swimming will be permitted—please note singlets and sleeveless t-
shirts are not appropriate.

As with all items of clothing, please name these clearly so it can be returned if lost or misplaced. It will be expected that by the end of 2017 all students will have a rashie to provide protection against UV, whilst participating in the school swimming program. No Rashie—No Swim will apply.

Mrs Wright
Sport Coordinator


Black Ranges Swim Carnival, Horsham February.

Competitors must be 10years or older.

Please see Mrs Wright for more information.


Swimming Assessments

Friday 10th Feb – P/1 M & H—change of time—leave school at 9.45am. Assessment for 30mins.

Swimming Program

Please make sure parents and students are aware of their day for swimming assessment. Please

remind students that they must bring their bathers, long hair tied up, rashies are to be worn

and to apply sunscreen. All items of clothing must be named!

The Swim Program will start on the 13th February.

1st week – 13th February - will be Year 5/6 students

2nd week – 21st Feb – will be Year 3/4 students – there will be a make up lesson for these students as the Secondary College host the Inter-school swimming on the 20th Feb.

3rd week – 27th Feb – will be Year 2 students and the Prep/1 students.

More information will follow outlining the procedure for the week for each class.

We will be holding our Swimming Sports on 10th March – more details closer to the date.








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